Little Clemons Pond

Town Farms in Maine's History - Hiram Historical Society Event, October 10th

Spring 2015 CPA Meeting Minutes

Final and approved Spring 2015 CPA Meeting Minutes, compiled by Sandy Tate, have been published to the Admin page of the website.

Fall 2015 CPA Treasurer's Report

The Fall 2015 Treasurer's Report, presented by David Limbert at the 2015 Fall CPA meeting, has been published to the Admin page of the website.

LakeSmart - Maine Lakes Society's Flagship Conservation Effort

At the Fall 2015 CPA meeting, guest speaker Maggie Shannon, from Maine Lakes Society, provided background and details about MLS's LakeSmart program. Pamphlets were made available to members at the meeting. Additional information on the LakeSmart program is available via the MLS website by clicking here. A comprehensive list of available online resources can be viewed on their website by clicking here.

Additional links to the Maine Lakes Society website are provided on the Pond Life page.

Maine Audubon's Loon Autopsy Report

At the Fall 2015 CPA meeting, Chris Shields spoke about receiving autopsy results from Maine Audubon on the dead loon found last September. Details from the letter sent to Chris can be found on the Pond Life page.

Important Taxpayer Information

The Summer 2015 issue of the Hiram Newsletter contains important taxpayer information on pages 1 & 2. Page 2 explains the upcoming revaluation process and timing. The newsletter can be downloaded by clicking here.

Loon Chick Photo Update

The baby loon is growing but still depends on its mother, as shown in the photo below (where mother is feeding youngster). Thanks to Rich Colicchio for this photo (taken 8/7/15).

Sacopee Valley Health Center Now Provides Walk-In Care on Sundays

The Sacopee Valley Health Center's walk-in care is now also available on Sundays from 8am to 3pm. For more information on the Sacopee Valley Health Center click here.

Recipes from Clemons Pond Association 2015 Annual Picnic

Libby Morse's Favorite Corn Casserole (Thanks to Pam Morse!)

Harrisville Kale Salad with Cranberries, Feta, & Walnuts (Thanks to Judy Bradley!)

Please email the webmaster ( if you have another recipe from the picnic you'd like to share via the website.

2014 CPA Water Quality Report

The 2014 Water Quality Report, presented by Victor Lerish at the 2015 Spring CPA meeting, can be accessed here. This report also has been published to the Pond Life page of the website.

Video Shown at 2015 Spring CPA Meeting: "The Hunt for Aquatic Invaders"

"The Hunt for Aquatic Invaders," a video produced by the Maine Voluteer Lake Monitoring Program, was played as part of the 2015 Spring CPA meeting. Of all the New England states, Maine's lakes have the lowest incidence of invasive plants - by a large margin. This video not only reaffirms the beauty of Maine's lakes, but it also underscores the urgency and diligence with which we must act to preserve the "purity" of our lakes.

Additional information on the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, including a link to their website, is available on the Pond Life page.

Many thanks to Victor Lerish for sharing this excellent video and important information.

Inland Fisheries Decision - Watercraft Horsepower on Clemons Pond

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife issued its decision on the request to limit horsepower on Clemons Pond. The Commissioner, after considering all testimony, public comments and materials presented to him, decided not to impose a horsepower restriction at this time. (Click here to read the Commissioner's letter.)

On behalf of the majority of members of the Association, I would like to thank all who offered their services and wrote letters to Inland Fisheries in our attempt to limit the horsepower rating on our pond.

Special thanks to Bill Tate and Harold Gillman for all of their hard work.

-Richard Hunt