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CPA Updates

The Spring 2016 CPA Treasurer Report is available on the Pond Business page.


The Fall 2015 CPA Meeting Minutes are available on the Pond Business page.


The 2014 CPA Water Quality Report is available on the Pond Life page.

Local News & Interest

The Summer 2016 issue of the Hiram Newsletter is available here.


The Town of Hiram 2015 Annual Report is available here.

Current Weather on the Pond

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Information on Hiram Property Revaluations

7/19/2016:  See the new (Summer) issue of the Hiram Newsletter (available here) for current information on Hiram property revaluations, including a sample of the letter you'll receive and what to do if you have questions about the valuation.

Note from Pat Clifford Regarding Invasive European Naiad

Pat Clifford posted the following to the Guestbook page:  I just received an email announcing that invasive European Naiad has been detected in Northeast Pond located in Lebanon, Maine and Milton, New Hampshire. If anyone would like to join me in patrolling Clemons Ponds, please contact me at: Thank you.

Tropical Avian Malaria Kills Nearby Loon - Potential Implications and the Watchful Role We Can Play

A recent Bangor Daily News article, "Why one loon's death is stirring fears of tropical disease, climate change" (posted April 8, 2016), reports that tropical avian malaria killed a loon found last summer on Lake Umbagog on the Maine/New Hampshire border. This new discovery, a surprise to scientists, raises a number of questions to which there are no definite answers at this time. Biologists and researchers believe the public's awareness, watchfulness, and communication will ultimately help them determine the full scope of this alarming development.


Click here to read the full article. Thanks to Jo Smith for sharing this information!

LakeSmart Video

Click the image to view the Maine Lakes Society video LakeSmart: Saving Our Lakes, One Shore at a Time.


Maine Lakes Society Raises Flag about New Water Level Bill and Potential for Soaring Mediation & Monetized Process Costs

The Maine Lakes Society has alerted Maine lake and pond associations about the impacts of new water level bill, LD 1566. This act concerns "the establishment of water levels and seeks to change Maine's existing  water level law by requiring 3rd party mediation before the Maine Department of Environmental Protection MEDEP) holds the required adjudicatory hearing to settle such water level disputes. LD 1566 also introduces a new and substantial cost for such a hearing of up to $20,000. " Click here read MLS's note in its entirety.

Breathtaking Aerial Views of the Pond

11/17/15: Following are amazing aerial photos of Clemons Pond taken in the fall of 2015 with a drone-based camera. Ethan Tucker, who is Victor and Joanna Lerish's son-in-law, operated the drone and camera. These photos provide rarely seen perspectives of the pond and vividly reveal how beautifully Big and Little Clemons Ponds knit into the surrounding topographic fabric.


Many thanks to Ethan for sharing these special views of Clemons Pond at such a spectacular time of year.


Click on the images below to enlarge them.