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Breathtaking Aerial Views of the Pond

11/17/15: Following are amazing aerial photos of Clemons Pond taken in the fall of 2015 with a drone-based camera. Ethan Tucker, who is Victor and Joanna Lerish's son-in-law, operated the drone and camera. These photos provide rarely seen perspectives of the pond and vividly reveal how beautifully Big and Little Clemons Ponds knit into the surrounding topographic fabric.


Many thanks to Ethan for sharing these special views of Clemons Pond at such a spectacular time of year.


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CPA Updates

The Spring 2016 CPA Meeting Minutes are available on the Pond Business page.


The Spring 2016 CPA Treasurer Report is available on the Pond Business page.


The 2014 CPA Water Quality Report is available on the Pond Life page.

Local News & Interest

Meet Carolyn Chute, author of The Beans of Egypt, Maine and other books & stories - Hiram Historical Society, Saturday 10/8/16 at 1:30pm. The poster for this event, with full information, is available here.


FREE aluminum rowboat - oarlocks & oars included. Current owner will be on the pond through Labor Day. Call 207-625-8822.


The Summer 2016 issue of the Hiram Newsletter is available here.


The Town of Hiram 2015 Annual Report is available here.

Current Weather on the Pond

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